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Updated: May 2021

To Our Valued Client,

Here are our updated Rules:


1. Let us know that you can answer "NO" to all the questions on our COVID Screening PDF 

(attached to your confirmation email & text message.) 


2. If you are fully vaccinated we are allowing you into the studio without a mask. Please be respectful of the guidelines if you have not received your vaccine. If you’re uncomfortable you can still continue to wear masks.


3. Please text your Esthetician/Reiki Practitioner upon arrival and wait in your car until she responds that you can come in.


4. Once in the building please use hand sanitizer. We will also ask you to wash your hands in the treatment room before lying on the table.



Thank you for understanding ! 

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them! 

We are using *Rejuvenate Disinfectant to disinfect all surfaces in between each client. We are ALL Barbacide Certified and will continue to use Barbacide to thoroughly disinfect our implements & our sterilizers between each client. You may also read our COVID-19 Control Plan that has been implemented to all staff here at Sienna & Co. to insure your safety!


*(This spa and salon disinfectant works 10x faster than other brands, offering you quick treatment room turnovers. Additionally, the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen, reducing your environmental impact. EPA Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards! Effective against human coronavirus, such as COVID-19!

Kills hepatitis B & C virus, HIV, athlete's foot and nail fungus, MRSA, and other spa or salon relevant pathogens in as little as 1 minute. Works as a 1-minute virucide / bactericide; 5-minute tuberculocide; 10-minute fungicide.)

Thank you all again for all your support and love during this time! 

Be safe & stay well,

Sienna & Co.