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Updated: August 5, 2020

To Our Valued Client,

  We are excited to announce that ONLINE Booking is available again! We are now able to offer Facials starting Phase 3. All of our guidelines are going to remain. For Facial services & services that require you to take off your mask, your esthetician will be wearing an N95 & a Protective Face Shield. We will not be using steam until further notice. Face mask is required to enter our building and we ask that you wear it in our common areas.

  While we have always met high sanitation standards, we're taking on additional disinfection procedures to ensure everyone's safety. Please know that the wellness and safety of our customers is our number one concern, so we are also implementing the following procedures to protect the health and well-being of guests and staff:

Here are our Rules for Phase 3:


1. Download our COVID Screening PDF attached to your confirmation email. (It can also be found on our website:'sNew ) If you cannot print it, one will be provided to you upon arrival.


2. For the time being we will only be accepting cash, check or venmo. Please bring exact change. If you’re unsure of the cost please text me and I will let you know.


3. Mask/face covering is required upon entering and exiting the studio.📱

4. Please text your Esthetician/Reiki Practitioner upon arrival and wait in your car until she responds that you can come in.


5. Once in the building please use hand sanitizer. We will also ask you to wash your hands in the treatment room before lying on the table.


6. Please only bring necessary items that you can keep on you at all times (ie keys wallet etc). 


7. No extra parties allowed right now. There’s a 1:1 rule for clients and service providers. Please leave children at home. If you don’t have anyone to watch them I am happy to reschedule you. 

8. Please, now more than ever be on time for your appointment. Due to the extra time cleaning and sanitizing between clients it is crucial that you arrive on time to help things run smoothly. 


Thank you for understanding ! This is all new for us too. 

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them! 

We are using *Rejuvenate Disinfectant to disinfect all surfaces in between each client. We are ALL Barbacide Certified and will continue to use Barbacide to thoroughly disinfect our implements & our sterilizers between each client. You may also read our COVID-19 Control Plan that has been implemented to all staff here at Sienna & Co. to insure your safety!


*(This spa and salon disinfectant works 10x faster than other brands, offering you quick treatment room turnovers. Additionally, the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen, reducing your environmental impact. EPA Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards! Effective against human coronavirus, such as COVID-19!

Kills hepatitis B & C virus, HIV, athlete's foot and nail fungus, MRSA, and other spa or salon relevant pathogens in as little as 1 minute. Works as a 1-minute virucide / bactericide; 5-minute tuberculocide; 10-minute fungicide.)

Thank you all again for all your support and love during this time! We love you all and can't wait to help you look and feel your best!

Be safe & stay well,

Sienna & Co.